Frequently Asked Questions

How much hair should I order? 
** Recommendation Only**

Each bundle is approximately 3.0-3.5 ounces.
Full Sew In- We recommend 8 ounces and up depending on desired style client wants to achieve.
Basic/Partial Installation- We recommend lengths "12-"16, 6 or more ounces. Lengths 18 & up we recommend 7 ounces or more. 

How long does the hair last?

Our elite human hair can last 12-18 months (possibly longer) depending on amount of heat & chemicals applied. Co-wash (Use conditioner in place of shampoo) hair upon receiving hair.

How often do I wash my hair?

Wash hair once a week using a moisturizing shampoo. Stroke hair in a downward motion, do not rub/massage hair together (as it will tangle) Use wide tooth comb starting from bottom to scalp. Condition hair after every wash. Rinse with lukewarm water.

How is shedding? 

Minimally. All hair sheds, even our natural hair. (companies that use "no shed" as a sales pitch is being totally dishonest) We are a company built on integrity. We have double wefted our hair to minimize shedding to the minimum.

Can I dye this hair? 

Our elite human hair can be colored ( we recommend a professional) . Please keep keep in mind, once chemicals are applied, hair is no longer virgin. Please moisturize and condition often, to help maintain manageable texture and healthy hair. This purchase is an investment you want to last.

Description: Our elite human hair is soft, lightweight, and flows. The best quality.
Type: Virgin Remy Human Hair
Weft: Double Wefted
Weight: 3.0-3.5 ounces
Luster: Medium
Non processed


Shipping & Returns:

Orders ship within 48hrs. upon receipt.
Shipping usually takes 3-5 business days (No weekend & holiday shipping)
All sales are final. 

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